How to Cheat Video Poker Machines

how to cheat video poker machines

Over the past 50+ years of video poker machines’ existence, numerous methods have been devised to cheat them – some working temporarily.

Casino players can be assured that regulated video poker machines cannot be rigged as they utilize a 52-card deck and random number generator – providing added suspense while keeping readers engaged with their game! This ensures an entertaining and immersive experience for readers and keeps reader interest at its height.


Video poker is an exciting casino game that allows players to compete for winning hands of cards and receive payouts, much like slot machines do. But unlike these more familiar options, this one gives players more chances of success with strategy enhancing their chances of victory. However, its immense popularity requires understanding some details before beginning play.

People have devised various means to cheat video poker machines. Some techniques involve mechanical tampering while others utilize electronic methods. Unfortunately, these hacks may lead to casino bans.

At casinos, cheating is illegal and should never be attempted. When betting money that you can afford to lose, gambling sessions will remain safe and enjoyable while minimizing losses that could have otherwise been avoided.


Video poker machines are a type of gambling machine that rewards you based on the strength of your poker hand. Although easy and fun to play, players should understand how best to approach this form of gambling in order to maximize their odds of success – playing without an optimal strategy could mean spending lots of money unnecessarily!

Methods have been employed to try and defeat video poker machines, such as using shaved coins or gadgets. Unfortunately, these methods no longer work due to advanced technology and security measures. Some are even illegal within casinos and could lead to a ban.

For success at video poker machines, it is crucial to learn and comprehend the rules as well as payouts. Furthermore, understanding optimal strategies for each variant requires having access to numerous tools online like hand calculators.


Video poker resembles slot machines and people have discovered various methods for exploiting them to cheat them. These tactics often involve mechanical or electronic tampering with the machine to trigger wins; however, such attempts have proven ineffective due to newer slot machine technologies like random number generators being deployed so casinos and game providers can monitor them easily; yet smart individuals have managed to hack these generators so games pay out more often than expected.

While this approach may work initially, it will eventually backfire and get you banned or arrested from casinos. Luckily, there are more logical methods of winning video poker without getting caught by security systems – for instance using a strategy chart to decide which cards you should keep; and knowing whether any should be discarded.


Video poker is an engaging mix of chance and skill. However, people have discovered ways to cheat at this game by tampering with machines – some methods include mechanical interference while others employ software manipulation of odds. But to win at video poker successfully the key lies in mastering its strategy – you can do this either online for free or at casinos offering practice mode so you can familiarize yourself with game rules before placing real bets with real money.

An old effective technique involved fooling a machine’s laser sensor into thinking a coin had been inserted. To accomplish this feat, attaching string to bent metal rod and thrusting it through an air vent of the machine. Jiggling around until its coin hopper clicked is also effective but no longer effective due to casinos updating their machines against this form of cheating.

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