What Artists Are Under JYP Entertainment?

what artists are under jyp entertainment

For any Kpop fan, JYP entertainment should be familiar. This company houses many talented groups and solo artists; indeed it has helped some of the most successful K-pop groups reach their pinnacle; these include girl group Twice as well as boy band 2PM! JYP artists number in their thousands!

These names include members of Stray Kids and ITZY, which debuted with JYP before going on to achieve success both musically and globally. Furthermore, JYP has also helped several other K-pop groups such as 4Minute and Super Junior find success through JYP’s programs.

JYP Entertainment boasts many of the world’s bestselling boy and girl bands, as well as several outstanding soloists such as Hyuna who first debuted as part of Wonder Girls in 2007 before leaving to pursue solo artistry and has become an enduring favorite on Korean digital charts since.

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (Thai:) is an internationally acclaimed Thai American singer-songwriter-rapper-actor. He serves as lead vocalist, lead guitarist, keyboardist for South Korean group 2PM as well as appearing in several Korean reality television shows including Roommate.

Hwang Chansung (Hangul:; Hanja:) is a South Korean musician known for acting, singing and playing the guitar. A member of boy band 2PM and featured as an extra in several movies (most notably supporting role in The Suicide Squad), Hwang is well-regarded in South Korean society and popular music circles alike.

Yoo Jae-won (Hangul:; Hanja:) is a South Korean singer-dancer-actor best known as part of 2PM since 2008 and appearing regularly on reality television programs and films such as “The Man Who Wasn’t There”.

Kim Hyun-ah (Korean:; RR: Gim Hyeon-ah) is a South Korean singer-songwriter-rapper-model. Formerly part of Wonder Girls ensemble group and having left to form her own girl group in 2009; since then she has established herself as solo artist combining traditional Korean pop and Western pop.

15& is a two-member female duo which first debuted in 2012. Best known for winning K-Pop Star Season 1, 15& has also performed at major North American stadiums like BMO Field in Toronto and MetLife Stadium in New York City.

JYP Records boasts several sub-labels, such as 2AM, Madtown and Pro C, to extend its presence beyond South Korea. JYP also partners with Republic Records and other international labels in order to promote its artists internationally and bring more awareness of their music.

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