How to Trick a Slot Machine and Win

how to trick a slot machine to win

Land-based and online, slot machines remain one of the world’s most beloved gambling games, especially among casino cheats who spend years perfecting their craft to trick these machines into giving out massive sums of cash. While the odds of success may seem remote at first, certain measures can increase chances of victory, including learning about slots with high Return-on-Investment ratios (RTI).

This guide will outline 15 effective strategies to cheat a slot machine and win. From using shaved coins to piano wires, many methods exist for cheating slot machines – though keep in mind that all modern slot machines are programmed by software engineers, who can detect any manipulation. Ronald Dale Harris was known as an adept casino cheat who could manipulate slot machines by knowing their source codes.

The Shaved Coin Scam was an old-school method of defrauding slot machines that no longer exists today. This scam involved taking an ordinary coin and shaving down its diameter until it became smaller than usual, before attaching it to a string and dropping into a slot machine until triggering game play. Although initially easy and lucrative, casinos soon caught onto this type of fraud and stopped permitting it.

Cheating techniques that have long been employed include placing pieces of paper with the word ‘credits’ written on them as another classic form of fraud against slot machines, although this practice has since become less relevant due to modern touch-screen machines with their payment processing. There are still older machines without this feature which leave themselves open to such forms of cheating.

There are other sophisticated methods of cheating slot machines, including Tommy Glenn Carmichael’s light wand device – created by Tommy and used to trick slot machines into giving out large jackpot payouts – that is designed to look similar to magic wands; its purpose was to blind optical sensors of slot machines and blind them with light from another source – an impressive scam which could have turned Carmichael into one of Vegas’ greatest legends like magicians David Copperfield or Dynamo.

Another popular slot cheat was using piano wire to jam the internal clock of slot machines, used by a group of cheaters in Las Vegas to win big jackpots from slot machines. They would use long 20-inch piano wires to gain entry and jam its internal components until their scam was caught; unfortunately this form of cheating is now illegal across US casinos as all modern machines contain magnets to prevent this type of manipulation from being possible.

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