What is the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine Called?

Playing the Wheel of Fortune slot machine is a game of chance with the potential of hitting an enormous jackpot, which could range anywhere from $500 to over one million dollars. Furthermore, there are bonus games built into these machines that enable players to increase their winnings up to tenfold!

Merv Griffin’s iconic Wheel of Fortune slot machines have quickly become iconic within the gaming industry. Reminiscent of their counterpart television show, these machines feature a rotating bonus wheel which offers generous credit awards. Numerous bettors across US casinos have won six and seven figure awards through these iconic machines!

Wheel of Fortune slot machines revolutionized how casino players experienced casino gaming within its first 10 years as a slot machine brand, being the first licensed and branded game available for play on casino floors and influencing how casinos operated their properties. IGT is marking this landmark occasion by hosting special events at casinos across the United States to commemorate 25th Anniversary.

IGT’s original Wheel of Fortune slot featured a large, vertical wheel with the iconic TV-show logo at its center. This cabinet could accommodate up to nine players at once and each could spin the wheel once during each bonus round; any value on which the pointer landed added directly to each player’s score; while those with more letters received an added multiplier.

The wheel was surrounded by audio that played iconic TV-show themes, from audience chants and the famous “Wheel of Fortune” theme music to buzzers and bells that signalled potential wins.

As Wheel of Fortune became a more popular brand, IGT updated its cabinets and displays. New features such as the Hall of Fame leader board were added, showing which bonus award winners had achieved best bonus awards that day or all time. When bonus rounds are activated they display live video feed of game show host Vanna White on high definition screen when bonus round is activated.

With IGT’s True 3D screens introduced in 2016, visuals on Wheel of Fortune slot machines became even more lifelike, featuring graphics that appear to leap off of the screen and bring action alive. Furthermore, these video screens can be adjusted at various angles to give viewers a realistic viewing experience.

Wheel of Fortune slot machines provide an exciting gaming experience, so be sure to visit Borgata Online and give this game a spin today.

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