Fuse Review – Does Anyone Use Fuse to Create Characters For Poker Machines?

FUSE is an exciting real time cooperative dice game designed for two to five players where your mission is to defuse 20 bombs before the ship’s computer begins its countdown timer. You have 10 minutes remaining in which to work together to solve puzzles and defuse all 20 bombs!

Fuse tells the tale of an unlikely band of heroes in the near future who join forces to combat an oppressive alien corporation using cutting-edge tech gadgets, lethal teamwork tactics and an unknown substance called Fuse to fulfill their missions.

As we first met Mad Maggie and Fuse, they were working mercenaries on the harsh planet of Salvo. Both had grown up fighting there for various warlords. Maggie wanted to prove the Syndicate was weak while Fuse just liked explosions and ladies; when Fuse decided to enter the Apex Games to make his point she was forced to fight him; their clash ended up leading him losing an arm, as well as cutting short her participation in competition.

Fuse was meant to be a fun campy shooter with social commentary on violence and Machiavellian tactics, yet instead its story takes too many detours with its kitchen sink approach, none of it landing well; its campy dialogue remains but often gets lost under firefights; platforming segments appear between combat but rarely add anything entertaining; while although Fuse’s weapons differ from most third-person shooters in terms of gameplay quality.

Echelon mode, an intense and challenging horde-style mission designed to speed up level earning, remains one of the only assets left standing in this title. While Echelon mode provides an effective means for you to familiarize yourself with each character quickly, its limited enemy numbers and repetitive missions threaten its relevance in comparison to story mode.

Fuse was originally known as Overstrike 9, yet its long development cycle left it with an unclear identity. While its gameplay differs significantly from traditional Insomniac titles, its characters lack depth or inspiration and feel undeveloped; its only saving grace lies in being free-to-play; otherwise it would simply be wasted time.